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Viola Jackson

Viola Jackson is a single mother of two young men. She is living her dream as an Intercessory Missionary in the Dominican Republic. While helping to build a House of Prayer, Viola also serves various non-profits in the Dominican Republic who are reaching out to the poor and oppressed of the nation. Viola is passionate about growing in her relationship with God, and discovering who He is through the Word. She is equally passionate about mentoring others in their pursuit to grow in the knowledge of God's love and His will for their lives.
Viola has served as a leader with The Single MOM KC by giving leadership to a single mother group praying "in unity for our children." She has served many single mothers in the place of mentoring through relationship and prayer.


Laurie Morris

Laurie Morris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. She has an Associates of Theology degree, and is ordained.  Laurie has been involved with counseling for the past 25 years, primarily working with sexual abuse victims, doing marriage counseling, and working with severe dissociation issues. 


Laurie has been widowed for 12 years and has raised 4 amazing kids, 3 of which are married and have children. She ministers and counsels others full-time through connecting them to the Lord for His perspective on their issues as well as imparting tools for ongoing healing in their journey. She is also an author, and a speaker and a worshiper/musician.

You can read more about Laurie and her work at http://hismosaic.squarespace.com/.

Local Leadership

The Single MOM KC is is led by a team of women dedicated to the mission and mandate of the organization. This team of women give direction and leadership to over 70 local single mothers. Through e-mails, personal notes, text messages, home visits and more, the Leadership Team of the Single MOM KC reaches out into the community offering practical support through prayer and friendship.

Advisory Team

The Single MOM KC also has a variety of advisors, offering counsel and support in areas such as emotional well-being of single mothers, financial counsel, business counsel, legal and insurance counsel and more.

Board of Directors

As a 501c3, The Single MOM KC functions under the oversight of an active board of directors. This board meets quarterly with individuals from the board meeting with the Executive Director on a monthly basis.


This organization could not exist without the efforts of dedicated volunteers. Over 300 men, women and children volunteer on a one-time basis for events and to serve single mothers. Other ongoing volunteers help with administration, communication, networking, mentoring, service projects for the mothers and so much more.

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