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God is raising up a movement to bring His justice, truth, and righteous here on earth as it is in heaven (Psalm 45).He is releasing a desire within His church to bring restoration to broken families and individuals. We discover the heart of a Good Father in passages such as James 1:27, "Pure and undefiled religion is to visit the widow and the fatherless." In both the Old and New Testaments, we are given instruction to care for the poor and oppressed (Isaiah 58; Matthew 25).In the US, 41 million single mothers live in poverty; 41.5% of all single mothers live in poverty. The Single Mother of the 21st century is the poor and oppressed. One by one, single mother by single mother, family by family, The Single Mother KC seeks to bring God's justice here on earth for these women and children by offering them the hope that comes as we build relationship and share the message and testimonies of God's desire to restore. 

You can join with the heart of the Father for these women and children by partnering with THE SINGLE MOM KC in a variety of ways.

Financial Partners

Pledged, regular donations allow The Single MOM KC to budget and plan throughout the year. Finances are needed for:

  • Operating expenses for the ministry
  • Curriculum for discipleship programs
  • Mentoring
  • Gardening Initiative
  • Special Events: Celebrate Single MOMs,
  • Housing and resources for single mothers in crisis situations
  • Materials/expenses for seminars, retreats and training programs
  • And MORE...



The Single MOM KC offers many opportunities for individuals and organizations to volunteer services or products to assist single mothers.
  • Hospitality Team
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Leadership Team for Celebrate Single MOMS
  • Fundraising Team
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Social Media Volunteer
We need volunteers on an ongoing basis as well as for major events. Whether you have time weekly or only on occasion, if you are interested, please fill out this form to receive more information.

Support a Single MOM

We know it is also important for a Single Mother to find community and support outside our organization. We want to help those Single Mothers who are dedicated to the process of restoration to find support and encouragement from others outside our ministry. We are looking for families, individuals, and groups who will adopt a single-mother family.

  • Pray regularly for the single-mother Family
  • Send them cards or notes on special occasions
  • Be willing to donate gifts for birthday and Christmas for the family


Locally we are developing Family Support Teams (5 families or individuals) for each mom. We have a vision for five local families to surround each mother whom we are discipling and build relationship with them through dinners, coffee times, helping with home projects, etc. A single mother has a limited network of friends and resources. By connecting her with others we help to build the bridge to more opportunities for her and her children.


We believe that lives are changed through prayer. We desire committed prayer partners who will seek the counsel of the Lord with us, pray regularly for the single-mother families we serve, uphold the leadership and vision of The Single MOM KC, and intercede concerning urgent or new prayer requests. To be a part of the Prayer Shield that surrounds this ministry and individuals in prayer, please sign up below.

You will receive an e-mail every 2-3 weeks that give specific prayer points and updates. You will also receive weekly e-mails from The Single MOM KC to give you insight into the ministry.

I SEE YOU Houses:

Our I SEE YOU Homes are based on Genesis 16; where Hagar was sent into the desert with her son, totally abandon by those who were committed to care for her, and she encountered the God Who Sees. We want Single Mothers to know there is a God Who Sees them in the desert and comes to meet with them and give them direction.

The Single MOM KC is currently seeking out an apartment complex or duplexes that will serve as temporary housing for single mothers at the onset of crisis. These homes will be places of respite, rest and restoration. A single mother will have the opportunity to live in this home for 3-9 months, receiving counseling, mentoring, and help putting the pieces of her shattered life back together.
We find that at the onset of crisis many single mothers do not have the support nor the emotion capacity to make hard decisions about their future, however the need for making these decisions presses down on them.
We hope that through these I SEE YOU Homes single mothers will begin to have the opportunity for some initial healing before they jump back into a life they never expected.


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