Archive | December, 2014

Roadblocks and Barriers

31 Dec

ob·sta·cle ˈäbstək(ə)l/ noun A thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress. synonyms: barrier, hurdle, stumbling block, obstruction, bar, block, impediment, hindrance, snag, catch, drawback, hitch, handicap, deterrent, complication, difficulty, problem, disadvantage, curb, check; More informal fly in the ointment, monkey wrench (in the works) “blindness is not the worst obstacle I’ve had […]

Combating the Holiday Blues

24 Dec

In this season of holiday celebrations, a common tactic of the enemy that hits us as single moms is depression. Our aloneness can be highlighted by all the family gatherings and parties. We see couples together at gatherings and talking about gifts they are receiving and giving, and this can really bring a sense of […]

God’s Chosen Husband and Father

18 Dec

There is a song from my high school days called, “I Need a Hero” that asks the question women have asked through the ages:  Where have all the good men gone? The song goes on to list the qualities of this hero that so many women are looking for: a white night, strong, fast, fresh […]

Giving Good Gifts

10 Dec

Every holiday I struggle with the thought of giving good gifts. My favorite Christmas story is “The Little Drummer Boy”. I can identify with his predicament of having nothing to give.  I love Christmas: the lights, music, cooking, and festivities of the holidays, but the idea of purchasing gifts, the challenge of finances for the […]