Archive | January, 2015

Pressing Through the Pain

22 Jan

I have been in chronic and constant pain for over 3 months now. I have remained somewhat healthy over the years, and this debilitating pain entered into my life bit by bit.  I apparently have scoliosis and over the years have made compensation. Now my back is telling me enough is enough. I have had […]

Worship While You Work

8 Jan

When I was young and raising my kids, one of the hardest things to do was find a space or pocket of time where I could sit quietly with the Lord. Someone was always getting hurt or waking up early and it became a season of frustration with myself. I felt like I didn’t measure […]

Singled Out or Chosen to Worship?

1 Jan

Let’s begin with a rhetorical question: As a “single mom” have you ever felt “singled out”?  In the midst of loss, upheaval, and the complete overthrow of life the way it once was or the way you thought it would, be has the question: ”Why me?” or “Why my kids?” ever crossed your mind? In […]