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Divorce Proof Kids, Part 2

30 Apr

In my previous blog post, I began exploring how a single mother can use insights from Lisa Cherry’s blog to help divorce-proof her kids. I looked at three insights last week, and this week, I’d like to continue with four more. Make it your personal responsibility to mold your children into future successful marriage partners. […]

Divorce Proof Kids, Part 1

23 Apr

Children from two-parent families are 14 percent more likely to remain married than children from single-parent homes. A more shocking statistic relates to women who grew up in single-mother homes—92 percent of their marriages will end in divorce. Some Christians reading this will think, “Surely this is different in the Church.” Did you know that […]

No More Fear with A.C.T.S. of Prayer

16 Apr

Should I allow him to go to the sleep over? How can I help my daughter handle the mean girl at school? He’s late again, after curfew, where is he? Her boyfriend is becoming her only friend. Is the relationship too exclusive?   Fear, doubt, and anxiety flood the minds of mothers everywhere in regard […]

A Family Plan/ Building A Healthy Family

9 Apr

Oftentimes as a single mother, my family plan to build a healthy family was to make it through the day without my kids ripping each other apart. I grew up in a single mother family myself,  and my memories seem to be inundated with brawls with my sister. We were close in age, but about […]

In Troubled Times Where Should Our Trust Be?

1 Apr

More and more in this journey with the Father, I am saddened by and feel the weight of the darkness I see encroaching on the world. There has been an acceleration of deception and a disappearance of moral boundaries that is significant in the past two years. I’m not surprised by it – just a […]