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The Four Cornerstones of Extraordinary Relationships: Part 2

31 Oct

Last time I talked about the importance of knowing and understanding the four Cornerstones of great relationships. As a quick review The Four Cornerstones consist of an Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical connection. In Part 1, we discussed the Intellectual and Spiritual connections. Today, we will conclude our discussion with the Emotional and Physical connections. […]

Four Cornerstones For GREAT Relationships

8 Oct

We have invited Dating Coach Rick Soetebier to share simple relationship truths with Single Mothers. Many single mothers want to date and re-marry, however just as many have no idea where to start. Before jumping into the dating scene unprepared, take time to read and evaluate your dating goals and understand the Four Cornerstones of […]

Our Soul Is Vulnerable – a set up for trouble (Part II)

26 Feb

Our Soul Is Vulnerable – a set up for trouble (Part II) Last week I shared about how vulnerable my soul was because of my longing or a husband and how God revealed this weakness to me.  I knew I was acting foolish, I was weak and cried out to the Lord for help, a […]

Our Soul Is Vulnerable – a set up for trouble (Part I)

19 Feb

The Soul Is Vulnerability  – a set  up for trouble (Part I) The soul is a part of our being where our emotions are based out of, and our soul is vulnerable.  My soul has been vulnerable and longing for a mate since my husband David died of lung cancer at the ripe old age […]