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Learning To Lean Was Not A Goal

3 Mar

The idea of learning to lean on another person does not seem to be a goal worth achieving. As a believer, and a woman I have been taught that it is important to be strong, sufficient, and capable. From an early age I learned the benefit of depending on myself and not others then life […]

Making Memories Creates Connectedness

5 Jan

When we create good memories with our children we become connected. This was so evident in my life as a new single mother. My oldest daughter (13 years old) became angry, apathetic, and withdrawn when her dad left. I tried everything to reach her,: my own angry responses, kindness, threats, my own form of withdraw […]

Make It The Perfect Holiday Season

9 Nov

We all have this desire to make it a ‘perfect holiday season’ for our children. Our desires are high and lofty but when rubber meets the road, we struggle through to a new year exhausted with the hustle and bustle of the season and wringing our hands because we ‘did it again’. We go into […]

Speaking Life Over our Children

18 Sep

As a 21 year-old mom I had no grid for speaking ‘life’ over my children. I was trying to make it through life. My marriage was rocky (great and not so great times) I had no support system as a young mother and no relationship with the Lord. Growing up in a shame-based home where […]

The Perfect Bowl Of Oatmeal Is Like The Life Of A Single MOM

1 Aug

There are few things as satisfying as making the perfect bowl of steaming oatmeal, topped with cream, a pat of butter, nuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon and real maple syrup for sweetness. I loved giving my children this wholesome comfort food before they started their days. I had a sense of accomplishment of a ‘job […]

The Waiting Womb

19 Jul

I was surprised this morning in my prayer time to hear God’s admonishment to find contentment in this season of ‘The Waiting Womb”. It seemed a bit odd, but I knew it was God because I don’t think of phrases like that on my own. I have been in a season of internal chaos. I believe […]

The Hindrance of Shame

18 Jun

Shame is the gremlin who says “you will never be good enough” ~Dr. Brene’ Brown I have realized that shame is one of the greatest hindrances to being all that God created me to be. As a young child I was ashamed of our poverty, of being from a single mother family, of having a […]

Perfection is spelled: GRANDChildren

13 Jun

  “She is ‘perfectly proportional’”, her dad exclaims, in awe of the little one that has been growing in her mother’s womb for 9 months. Yes indeed, perfection has arrived and she is called:  GRAND-DAUGHTER For months we have been tossing around names of what I will be called. What will my title of honor […]

Divorce Proof Kids, Part 2

30 Apr

In my previous blog post, I began exploring how a single mother can use insights from Lisa Cherry’s blog to help divorce-proof her kids. I looked at three insights last week, and this week, I’d like to continue with four more. Make it your personal responsibility to mold your children into future successful marriage partners. […]

Divorce Proof Kids, Part 1

23 Apr

Children from two-parent families are 14 percent more likely to remain married than children from single-parent homes. A more shocking statistic relates to women who grew up in single-mother homes—92 percent of their marriages will end in divorce. Some Christians reading this will think, “Surely this is different in the Church.” Did you know that […]