God’s Refining Fire Brings New Life

10 Sep

4722902786_70fd897850_b “When God seems furthest, He may be laying the foundation of showing His greatest faithfulness.” David Platt

I ran into a lady at the thrift shop yesterday, the local thrift store in town has already begun to place out autumn and winter items. She was scrounging around for “pine cones” and scooping all sorts of pine cones, candles, pictures, decor, etc. It caught my attention because her cart was full, and I thought: “she must be working on a project or event of some sort.” I quickly moved on without a second thought and made my way out of the store, while in my car the news came on and mentioned all the fires in California; I heard the broadcaster speak about how the beautiful pine trees were being destroyed. It got me thinking about the lady at the thrift store, and well pine trees…

When I returned home I looked up pine trees of California and discovered this…

Lodgepole pineimages

That the the Lodgepole Pine tree with its 3–7 cm cones often need exposure to high temperatures (such as from forest fires) in order to open and release their seeds…) Throughout California and Oregon forest fires are burning out of control in this brutal August heat.   To give you some perspective, the U.S. Forest service is spending $100 million a week to fight the fires.

And as these raging fires consume the forest, something is quietly going on to prepare for renewal.

You see, there is an unusual species of
Evergreen called the Lodgepole Pine that grows in great numbers throughout Northwest America, especially in Yellowstone Park. A fascinating aspect of this Pine is the uniqueness of its cones. Lodgepole Pine cones may stay on the tree for years before they fall off – and, even when they do fall, they will not open to release their seed…until they are in the presence of intense heat! What could explain this remarkable ecological foresight?

And so, the conversation begins… I accept the invitation of Holy Spirit to ask more questions about this seeming “coincidental” day of pinecone talk.

The answer?

But God.

God, designed nature, even in its fallen condition which includes devastating forest fires, has providentially prepared for their renewal by designing a Pine tree whose reproduction requires the agent of its own destruction…fire.

There at the thrift store, the Holy Spirit was inviting me into a conversation about “seeds of Resurrection” by the simple act of allowing me to see this lady gathering pine cones, and then hearing about their destruction on the news.

I love when this happens, He opens up a bit of His thoughts and plans to me and His Spirit brings revelation and hope.

You see, even as trees, wildlife, and all living things are being destroyed in a forest blaze, seeds of life are also being released for the “resurrection” of forest life...because, of course, their seeds are actually released by the fire, the Lodgepole Pines are the first to grow in an area that’s been burned.

Each of us, have areas in our lives that have or need to be, or are already being burned up — consumed by the “Refining Fire” of God’s Holy Spirit.

Yet God has also provided the renewal for us…a “seed” something brand new, which can only be birthed by intense heat, His refining fire.

This new seed, however it manifests in our lives, represents the resurrection life of Christ, which emerges in the presence of His purifying fire.

So the Lodgepole Pine stands as a prophetic declaration: “I am the resurrection and the Life!” I am Hope and promise in the midst of fiery trials, pain and sorrow.

Be encouraged today with strength, might, hope and the joy that as you endure, you will be renewed with resurrection life. Though unseen, God is divinely intervening. If you are walking in what feels like a desperate and destitute place, might I encourage you? Look to the Lord instead of your circumstances today. He’s working on your behalf.

What area of life is God’s Refining Fire touching?


10931040_891113610967510_6970704663062983069_nSelenia Vera has a remarkable and relevant way of conveying and communicating the heart and nature of God to others. She is a Writer, Author, Teacher and mom. She has founded and helped to establish several ministries many which are geared to healing and restoring the human heart and the relationally broken.Selenia resides in Kansas City with her daughter and can be reached at:Asherstable5@gmail.com











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