Make It The Perfect Holiday Season

9 Nov

DSCN3757We all have this desire to make it a ‘perfect holiday season’ for our children. Our desires are high and lofty but when rubber meets the road, we struggle through to a new year exhausted with the hustle and bustle of the season and wringing our hands because we ‘did it again’. We go into debt to make sure our children are not lacking in the holidays.

With the holidays just around the corner, now would be a good time to set some goals and even boundaries for the holiday season.

I remember Christmas as the child of a single mother. There were gifts galore. As a child I didn’t ask questions, my sister and I just reveled in the mound of gifts that sat under the tree and around the room each year. I did not realize as a child that my mother was building a growing mountain of debt. She had a great heart, she did not want my sister nor I to feel lack, even if it meant tremendous debt. Her purchases were emotional purchases and like my mother we can have the tendency to respond to the desire for our children to feel lavished upon; thus creating a mound of debt that follows us to our grave.

So what can we do INSTEAD of increasing debt and stress over the holidays?



It doesn’t matter the age of your children, one of the greatest gifts you can give is that of your time and memories. Think about it, when you go to some ones funeral, you don’t discuss all the great things they GOT you, you share memories.

Memories are a legacy that will not rust, fade, or be stolen.


  • Curl up under the tree, light a few candles and READ
  • Choose a favorite Christmas movie, pull out the picnic blanket, make popcorn and hot chocolate.  FUN
  • Make ornaments (great ideas on-line)
  • Make cookies (TOGETHER)  decorate cookies, take some to a friend or stranger!
  • Dress up and have a HOLIDAY TEA PARTY
  • Put on pajamas  and go look at Christmas Lights. Grab some hot chocolate to take on the trip; don’t forget to SING CHRISTMAS CAROLSDSCN5092
  • Go see a Christmas Production somewhere
  • Fix a FANCY dinner, set the table w/ candles and tell stories around the table about your children (our kids LOVE to hear ‘their story’)
  • Depending on ages get some personality tests off-line and spend the night taking personality tests and sharing results.  See if you can guess each others before giving results.

As my own children have grown, we have opted for gifts of “Family Nights” instead of traditional gifts.  Each person chooses something special for the family to do.  Once we did a Magic Show (everyone had to bring their own magic trick) We did a formal Tea Party (one child had just returned from studying abroad) Painted Ornaments, Cooked a meal together and so much more.  Oh and don’t forget FAMILY GAME NIGHTS are always fun for a laugh or two.

Plan NOW to make it a memorial holiday without going into debt.

 Prepare your children now that things are going to look different. Bring them into the excitement of the holiday season and listen for their ideas.  Make this holiday the MOST MEMORABLE EVER.

Dare To Do It Different

What is something you can do to make a memory this holiday season?


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