Where Are The Godly Mentors for My Children?

4 Sep

“Where are the men in the church? Where are the godly mentors?”  After all Malachi 4:6 tells us that God WILL restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the father, but why are we not seeing this happen? Over and over in books, on radio and TV, even through […]

Deliverance from the Reproach of Divorce

13 Aug

I have worn this reproach of divorce. Like a dark cloak around me, weighing me down as I have walked about, my head hung in shame.  Even when the divorce is a result of adultery, many single mothers bear the shame and reproach of divorce.  We look for ways to build ourselves up: maybe another […]

The Perfect Bowl Of Oatmeal Is Like The Life Of A Single MOM

1 Aug

There are few things as satisfying as making the perfect bowl of steaming oatmeal, topped with cream, a pat of butter, nuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon and real maple syrup for sweetness. I loved giving my children this wholesome comfort food before they started their days. I had a sense of accomplishment of a ‘job […]

The Waiting Womb

19 Jul

I was surprised this morning in my prayer time to hear God’s admonishment to find contentment in this season of ‘The Waiting Womb”. It seemed a bit odd, but I knew it was God because I don’t think of phrases like that on my own. I have been in a season of internal chaos. I believe […]

The Hindrance of Shame

18 Jun

Shame is the gremlin who says “you will never be good enough” ~Dr. Brene’ Brown I have realized that shame is one of the greatest hindrances to being all that God created me to be. As a young child I was ashamed of our poverty, of being from a single mother family, of having a […]

Perfection is spelled: GRANDChildren

13 Jun

  “She is ‘perfectly proportional’”, her dad exclaims, in awe of the little one that has been growing in her mother’s womb for 9 months. Yes indeed, perfection has arrived and she is called:  GRAND-DAUGHTER For months we have been tossing around names of what I will be called. What will my title of honor […]

The Challenge of Guarding the Hearts of Our Children

14 May

  As single moms, how can we juggle guarding the hearts of our children while also providing for their physical needs? I don’t have the answer, but I have the problem. It seems to confront me frequently. After years of working to provide a safe, loving home environment for my children, I know they are […]

Living in Truth

7 May

  As the accusations rage inside my mind, I want to quit. I want to give up, to hide, to run away. Do others also struggle with feelings of inadequacy? Do others struggle with thoughts of their own unworthiness? In her book Coming Home to Joy, Tina Cochran unmasks the truth: Yes, many people struggle […]

Divorce Proof Kids, Part 2

30 Apr

In my previous blog post, I began exploring how a single mother can use insights from Lisa Cherry’s blog to help divorce-proof her kids. I looked at three insights last week, and this week, I’d like to continue with four more. Make it your personal responsibility to mold your children into future successful marriage partners. […]

Divorce Proof Kids, Part 1

23 Apr

Children from two-parent families are 14 percent more likely to remain married than children from single-parent homes. A more shocking statistic relates to women who grew up in single-mother homes—92 percent of their marriages will end in divorce. Some Christians reading this will think, “Surely this is different in the Church.” Did you know that […]