Worship While You Work

8 Jan

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When I was young and raising my kids, one of the hardest things to do was find a space or pocket of time where I could sit quietly with the Lord. Someone was always getting hurt or waking up early and it became a season of frustration with myself. I felt like I didn’t measure up with the Father, because I wasn’t having a successful “quiet time”. I began to not want to approach God because I was feeling the need to “catch up” because it was sometimes days in-between a real connection time with Him.

One day I was listening to my late husband teach on Colossians 3:17, “Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to the Father through Him,” and Colossians 3:23, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people”.

All of a sudden I realized that I could be communing and talking with God while I was doing my work at home! This verse didn’t just apply to someone with a full-time job outside the home – but it applied to any of my work in the house! I began to make my prayer time when I vacuumed, did the dishes, or folded clothes. I would ask the Father questions, as well as giving Him my thoughts and petitions for others.

I began singing with my kids and singing to Him in the car. I kept worship music playing in the house to remind me to stay vertically connected. I also would dialog with Him while driving and as the kids got older, this became my children’s question, “Mommy – are you talking to me or to God?”

Like the song, “Whistle While you Work” from Snow White, “worship while you work” became my theme in those years with small children. This not only impacted my attitudes and responses to my kids, but also began to tear down the performance mentality I’d had for so many years growing up. It also was simultaneously teaching my family that the Father dialogs with us in a normal manner. My prayers were not limited to church, quiet times, and grace at the table– but were a part of the normal rhythm of life. He was a part of their normal and it cultivated awareness of Him not only being present with us, but also involved in the mundane of our lives.

The other area I saw lacking during this season was my reading and memorization of the Word of God. To solve this issue, I found children’s CDs – or cassettes back then -that had scriptures put to music. I’d play these and learn them with my kids, so that I was continuing to sow the Word into my heart and mind, as well as theirs. To this day, I remember the scriptures I know from songs better than any other way I have memorized them.

So be encouraged in this season of the chaos and constant movement of your younger ones! You can connect with Him and cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and worship even in the busyness! He knows exactly where you are in your season.

Written by: Laurie Morris


One thought on “Worship While You Work

  1. Misty Honnold says:

    Thank You Laurie Morris for sharing simple ways to help us connect with God in the midst of a crazy life. The idea of listening to children’s CD’s is GREAT. And so fun and easy. My kids are grown but I think I need to put that back into practice.

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