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Mentoring Groups for Children

For Teen Boys:

One of the greatest challenges that single mothers face is finding appropriate role models for their sons. The Single MOM KC has a trained and dedicated team of male mentors who are strong, godly examples for young men. The guys do lots of fun and exciting activities together, such as: *hiking/camping trips

*paintball outings

*group movie/dinner outings

*physical exercise programs to help young men build healthy lifestyles

Additionally, The Single MOM KC regularly hosts classes for young men ages 12-18 to help them with the challenges of growing up. These male-taught classes discuss pertinent adolescent issues such as identity, authority, spirituality, and sexuality. This mentoring group is currently on hold.

For Girls ages 9-13:

The Single MOM KC has recently formed a small group for girls ages 9-13. The "Destiny 139" group meets monthly to help the daughters of single mothers find their identity in Christ and navigate personal emotions though activities such as journaling, horseback riding, group cooking, and more.

For Boys ages 9-13

The need for older men to come alongside our sons begins at an early age. The Single MOM KC has developed a group for young men to gather and play board game and eat together just to have fun, offering a safe, fun environment for these boys to be around godly men.

For Children ages 1-11

We realize how challenging it is for a single mother to find childcare or even afford it. The Single MOM KC always offers a safe fun environment for the children of single mothers to gather and be cared for during meetings or small groups.

We ask that you RSVP for this service during our meetings

All of the mentoring for the kids/teens is available for children whose mothers are involved with activities related to The Single MOM KC.

We also work in partnership with Big Brother Big Sister of Kansas City  and encourage single mothers to seek out the resources they offer for mentoring their children.

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