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Mentoring for Moms

Being a single parent is a unique and challenging journey that shouldn’t be traveled alone. Relationships are a critical component of any individual’s progressive growth and healing. The Single Mom Kansas City has developed different degrees of relational support for the entire single-parent family.

All mentoring groups hosted by The Single MOM KC are scripturally-based and faith-focused.

For Single Mothers:

The Single MOM KC offers support to single mothers in any phase of the journey. Our first priority is to help the single mother develop a life giving relationship with the Lord. We also walk with the single mother to encourage her in basic life skills such as parenting, financial freedom, meal planning and preparation, organization of her home and life and more.

Mentoring: The Single MOM KC has developed a trained team of mentors who, at the initiative of an interested individual, will meet one-on-one or in small groups on a regular basis with a single mother to walk through the challenges of single parenting together. All mentoring relationships are biblically-focused and prayer-centered. Most of the mentors within The Single MOM KC network are individuals who have themselves walked through the challenges of single parenting and who are also in biblical, accountability-centered relationships.

Discipleship: Some single mothers feel the need to make drastic and difficult life and situational changes. This requires a deep level of commitment, encouragement, and accountability. The Single MOM KC has developed an in-depth discipleship program for women who need and desire more concentrated teaching and assistance to equip them to bring up their children and manage their home and finances. Women in the discipleship program commit to walking in accountability for a set period of time with up to three trained mentors. They follow a curriculum designed to address their situation and sign a contract of intention to complete the designated discipleship time commitment. To view more details of our discipleship program and see a sample contract click here.

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